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The inland lake on Gozo, the small island just north-east of Malta, which you reach with a ferry in about 20 minutes. Most tourists take a short boat-trip (expensive) into the grotto and out the other side where the sea is (see middle of picture). I did not take that trip.

Malta, Gozo 1996

The Inland Sea, and Dwejra Bay itself, were created millions of years ago when two limestone caves collapsed. The shallow inland lagoon is linked to the sea via a 100 metre cave in the cliff. On calm days, small fishing boats carry visitors out to sea through this tunnel, in order to see Fungus Rock and the Azure Window. The sea is used by fishermen and bathers, and is also a very popular diving spot. Overlooking the lagoon is the Chapel of St Anne, built in 1963 on the site of a much older church. (Text from